From here you can download a copy of IT'S BEHIND YO U, just click on the buttons underneath the picture opposite. If your browser is having trouble handling a raw PDF file then click on the TAR option to download an archived version of the PDF, you will of course need the appropriate software to extract the PDF from the TAR file.

There is a Kindle version of the book available for download as well but please check out the README file that is contained in the TAR archive first regarding compatibility and how to use this file to create ebook formats for other ereaders.

Since I originally intended this to be a proper old-fashioned book I spent a great deal of time laying it out properly for publication. I used the LULU Print On Demand website (
www.lulu.com ) to print off proofs for checking and also to give away physical copies to friends and people mentioned in the book. This is the reason for the two column layout that is retained in the PDF version, it just looks better that way. I did spend a time resetting the whole book to single column mode once but this also meant having to resize all the pictures as well and I didn't really like the result. So apologies if you find this a little uncomfortable to read off a screen - you can always print it out onto real paper if you like.And speaking of which.......

Print Tips
IT'S BEHIND YO U is 136 pages long with a page size based on the Lulu 'Royal' size of 6.13 x 9.21 inches or 15.59 x 23.38 centimetres. If you intend to print out the entire book then I reccomend that you check your printer software to see if it is capable of printing in '2-Up' and\or 'Booklet' format as that way you'll only use up 34 sheets of paper

One thing to watch out for is the size of paper in your printer, usually in the UK that is A4 and in the US Letter and using that to print out the Royal-sized PDF pages (either in booklet or single-page format) will result in a relatively small sized page surrounded by large white areas. To prevent this you should check your printer driver software to see if it has an option to enlarge the size of the document by a specific percentage or paper size. e.g. my Epson printer driver has a 'Reduce/Enlarge Document' option which allows me to scale up the page by a specific Output Page Size such as A4.

Collating all the pages may be a problem, even printing in booklet format it may be too much for a standard office stapler to punch through 34 sheets of paper so you may need something a bit more hefty such as a Staple Gun. Punch the staples through and into something soft underneath like a piece of wood then prise the whole thing out and manually close the staples with the blade of a screwdriver. Alternatively print the book out on single double-sided sheets of paper (or if you have a paper guillotine print as a booklet and then cut the sheets in half) and either use a hole punch to put everything into a ring binder or use a specialist coil\spiral binding machine or service to collect the pages together that way.

The complete and sometimes absurd story of how a computer game called R-Type came to be on The ZX Spectrum.....and how it almost didn't.