To give you an idea what you can expect from the book I include the following quotes for you to enjoy. Now while you will come across such gems as:

"clean clothing was catered for thanks to a handy Laundromat across the road from the office." - page 60

"Friday evening was time for my one proper meal of the week - my favourite Beef with Bamboo Shoots, Water Chestnuts and a plate of chips" - page 100

I promise you that that are far more interesting things inside such as:

"If I was lucky when I arrived in the morning and climbed the stairs I'd be greeted by the remains of kebabs and empty beer bottles, if I was unlucky it would be vomit and full beer bottles - only it wasn't beer that was in them any more." - page25

"one of Kightley's suggestions was to cut out full page ads from games magazines and stick them up on the walls. I think the idea was to show prospective customers and visitors how professional and cutting edge we were but all it did was make us look a real Mickey Mouse outfit!" - page 25

"Furthermore, at a prearranged signal, I would storm out of the meeting and they would run after me to try and make me see sense, talking me around to their point of view. With everything mapped out and after a little rehearsal we waited for the marks to arrive." - page 82

"It was an...interesting...position to be in. If I delivered the finished game to Wainwright then Activision would sue me but if I delivered the finished game to Activision then Wainwright would sue me." - page 95

"Empty wine cups and beer bottles soon started to litter the brand new office and here and there small pools of spilt wine soaked into the carpet. Every now and then there'd be loud shouting as alcohol-fuelled coders aired grievances, real or imaginary, and several heated arguments broke out." - page 121

"If I was in the clear with the Inland Revenue and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs then there was still the police to deal with." - page 132

And for those in desperate need of some hardcore programming then I can offer this, and plenty more like it:

"Collision Map 2 is scanned through a byte at a time, if the value is zero then the corresponding character on the main screen is filled with zeros, overwriting any graphics from the previous frame. A non-zero value indicates that data from the back screen should be used, again overwriting any previous graphics." - page 54

The complete and sometimes absurd story of how a computer game called R-Type came to be on The ZX Spectrum.....and how it almost didn't.